40 Reasons

doTherapy will make your practice phenomenal.


Here are 40 reasons why.

Reasons 1-4

Better patient experience

1. Streamlined, paperless registration process

2. Appointment reminders

3. Automated payment processing

4. Easy, quick scheduling

Reasons 5 – 9

Less paperwork, more time for patients

5. Documentation time is significantly decreased

6. No more counting of minutes

7. Tracks number of visits and expiration dates

8. System logic bills per each payer’s rules

9. Automatically generates a compliant POC

Reasons 10 – 17

Compliance made simple and automated

10. Meaningful use certified

11. Required fields for Medicare & Medicaid

12. Required clinical complexity fields

13. Automatic billing calculations by payer

14. Easily routes notes for cosignature

15. Hard stops ensures Medicare compliance

16. Compliant electronic flowsheet

17. “Reminders” for incomplete notes

Reasons 18 – 23

Front desk automation and efficiency

18. Patients complete ALL forms online

19. Immediate online verification

20. Digital patient signatures

21. One step scanning

22. Customized alerts

23. Quick scheduling multiple appointments

Reasons 24 – 30

Totally Customizable

24. Forms fit your workflow, not vice-versa

25. Any forms can be customized

26. Edit templates or create your own

27. DIY customization of forms

28. No programmers needed to change forms!

29. Different forms for any specialty

30. Customize scheduler, forms, etc.

Reasons 31 – 36

Improved Profitability

31. More billable time

32. Everything documented is automatically billed

33. Payor rules increase billable charges

34. Algorithms bill highest reimbursed units

35. Report shows missing notes/charges

36. Automated payments increase collections

Reasons 37-39

Seamless Interfaces & Integrations

37. Bidirectional interface experts

38. Interface with or without a HIS

39. Eliminate dual entry

The BIG 40:

doTherapy is NOT just an EMR system, it’s a practice optimization system with cutting edge technology to enable the most efficient processes to improve customer service, compliance, productivity and profitability!